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Nestled above the vibrant Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Shiatsu has been a hub for creatives and professionals alike looking for some balance and grounding since 1994.


Shiatsu and Japanese therapies offer a plethora of techniques for assisting pain or soreness in the body.

The scope of treatment protocols available for internal imbalance is far reaching. Every organ disharmony will have a treatment designed to assist it's functioning.

Shiatsu doesn't try to fix the western named pathology, rather it seeks to find the imbalance that caused the problem in the first place and, once the disharmony is balanced, the symptoms can naturally reduce accordingly.

Nick has cultivated a passion for Oriental practices since 1990, he graduated in 1997 in Shiatsu Therapy and Japanese Therapies and has led Fitzroy Shiatsu since the mid 90's.

He's never stopped learning and in 2001 he met his current teacher and mentor Paul Movessian, one of the most accomplished practitioners of Japanese Therapies worldwide.

He supports his clients health and wellbeing through a practice which integrates Shiatsu, Japanese meridian therapy, moxibustion, cupping, Gua sha and more.


Nick splits his time working between Melbourne and Torquay where he runs his other clinic Torquay Health.

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